999. Control. No Control.

Control. No Control.

999. Control. No Control.

Taming the beast of freedom

“999. control. no control.” is about the loss of innocence, the maintenance of personal freedom, individualism and sincere responsibility in a world confronted with functionality and overstimulation. “Bondage, birds and taliban” are the three main place holders and themes reflecting social disorientation, religious fanatism, the belief in consumerism and the mimicking of fatal images produced and spread by media and networking channels.

On a personal level, it is about the acceptance of the life long try to find a balance between chaos and structure and the struggle of a female artist to find a niche in a globalized society. It is an expression of the awakening of strength through pragmatic love and feminine erotic and intellectual power, care taking and optimism; A struggle to happily succeed despite of negative male dominance and violence, of imposed social bonds and expectations a woman/artist has to deal with in every day life.
It is a playful game in a personal twisted war zone, realizing and analyzing both male and female aspects in oneself, playing the role of the passive victim as well as the active perpetrator.

holly go lightly meets osama bin laden meets mad prof. dr. plankk meets heidegger meets bird watcher meets submissive wife meets mother meets child meets suicide bomber meets… self.: A humoresque soulful peep show with depth and maniac- depressive undertones.

Photos by Petrov Ahner