Dress to kill

Die Scholle München

dress to kill: Embracing the animal mind

Deer is eyes. Deer is fur. Deer is hooves. Deer is legs.
Deer is eating. Deer is watching. Deer is listening.
Deer is quiet. Deer is soft. Deer is fast.
Deer waits. Deer flees. Deer drops.

One shot.

Embracing the power of archaic fear.

Light fades, heart beats, dark forest.


Words unspoken, existence unveiled.
Unknown to the animal mind.
Embrace the freedom, vivid strength.

Every step necessity, pure. no decision, precise.
Simple, fragile life defying-

One of many is the animal mind.
Each less a threat to survival
Each more an assurance of nature.

The animal mind I embrace-
I retreat to the forest-
And dress to kill.