“Home-Land-Luxury/ Remains”
Apr- Nov 2012 Berlin- Neapel

Performance and installation project in collaboration with Casoria Contemporary Art Museum and der Tacheles Foundation (SineDie project room)

*Burning for CAM, Burning- Performance in collaboration with CAM Art War, Apr 26 2012
*A she S, Performance in collaboration with CAM Art War initiated by Antonio Manfredi, dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel Hauptbahnhof Jul 19 2012
*remains,  solo exhibit,  SineDie project room, Berlin, Jul-Sept 2012 (Last performance at arthouse Tacheles Berlin)
*How Long Is Now, Opening Performance / “remains” for collection CAM, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, 25. Okt 2012

July- September 2012 Berlin- Forchheim

A performative videoproject  reflecting perceptions of home, history and future in Miriam Wuttkes birth place and home town Forchheim. Installation and performance October 2012 at Museum Kaiserpfalz Forchheim, as part of the Bavaria- wide City-Culture Festival 2012.
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May- August 2012

dOCUMENTA(13) Project and Performance at Hauptbahnhof Kassel
By invitation of Critical Art Ensemble and their dOCUMENTA(13) project “Winning Hearts and Minds”
In collaboration with CAM Art War (Napoli) and SineDie project room (Berlin)
Collaborating artists: Antonio Manfredi (Video) and Veronica Mota (Sound)
Idea, concept, project coordination and production Miriam Wuttke

„HOME-LAND-LUXURY/ Home Slaughtering”“
January- April 2012 Berlin

“Destruction and Reconstruction. The ladder of hierarchies, up and down. Correlations between: Humans, animals, plants, things. History, Fate, Struggle. Winners and Losers at the bottom line. Fraction. Taking the bull by the horns. Identifying with the opponent. Embracing weakness. Sacrificial burning. Taimed, shot and left behind. Or born to fight. Moments before the deadly bolt-shot you drop your fears. Return to GO.”

“Home Slaughtering: Embracing the animal mind.
Texture.                      Emptiness, Content.                             Fragility, Movement.
Archaic structures invade space.
One Shot.                      Shell is cracking.
         Braking the surface.”

You Tube Video Home Slaughtering 1

January 2012- June 2013

The series and theme HOME-LAND-LUXURY developed out of the working title Dress to kill in January 2012.

“Dress to kill”
Januar 2011 to date. Berlin, Padova, Munich, London, Kassel

„The performance Dress to kill is about movement in a constant limbo, about eviction and loss, the harsh circumstances of everyday crisis in different places and phases of human existence, about displacement and homecoming, aggression, power play and poetry.
The brick of coal which is destroyed in every performance of the cycle „the end of post colonialism“, is a dark martial pressure zone, a symbol of a world that has come to an end.
We are still living according to old rules and well preserved structures with a certain knowledge that we can suppress only with the harshest methods in order to let us look decently human.
We kill ourselves in small doses rather than take the next step to leave our dead hulls behind. The systems we created are so rigid and the infrastructures of relations we built have become so absurdly controlled that we sometimes seem to be unable to relate to our closest friends or family members anymore.- Or is it ourself we cannot relate to?
The romance of meeting, listening, feeling, understanding and embracing in a moment of awareness and experience is being taken from us, it is locked away in a dark box, put on a shelf with many other boxes similar to it. Gestures and movement, friendship and openness, love and passion are on the stake. Do we care? We try to focus- and fail. What is left? What will we be but a traceable image on a search engine? Will our Face Book profiles survive us?
-The post modern colonialists will devour their own hearts and swallow their own souls. They will spit out the digested immaterial self as a non composable rest that will last forever as toxic waste not to be mentioned again while existence passes the border from Now to Now.-“ July 4th 2011

Dress to kill Performance & Installation  2011

Dec   „The clod 3 Hamburg“ Performance& installation, Gallery xpon-art Hamburg
Nov   „The clod 2 München“ Performance& installation, Tatort Kunst Art Festival Munich
Nov   „The clod 1 Berlin“ Performance& installation, Nacht& Nebel Art Festival Berlin Neukölln
Okt   “The deer collection” Exhibit& performance, Parallax Art Fair, La Gelleria Pall Mall London
Sept  „The Museum of the end of Post Colonialism“ Installation, Silver Silver Lopez Berlin
Aug   „The end of Post Colonialism- 12 watercolors“ Performance& solo exhibit, Salon Irkutsk Munich
Jun   „Dress to kill“- FocusDiversion Performance& Installation, Silver Silver Lopez Berlin
May   „The end of Post Colonialism“ Performance, New Gallery Kunsthaus Tacheles/ Berlin- Shanghai
Apr   „Struggle for the sun“  Performance, New Gallery Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin
Mar   „Digital nest warmth- Naked Rabbit“ Performance& installation, Chimere Art Festival Padova
Feb   „Digitale nest warmth“ Performance& installation, New Gallery, Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin
Jan   „Crossing Jordan“ Performance& installation, Abnormals Gallery Berlin


“999. control. no control. bondage, birds and taliban.”
Berlin, New York, Miami, Poznan, Salzburg, Munich 2008/2009/2010

A framed performance. A travelling show in nine acts. Taming the beast of freedom.

 No One
September 2008
Haase& Plankk, Wrangelstr. 25, Berlin
999. control. no control. No 1: sporting seclusion. giving it up. rolling in tape.
video, installation, drawing, painting.

No Two
October/ November 2008
Museum of Contemporary Trash Art, Berlin
999. control. no control. No 2: Sex, Violence, Pressure, Death. I´m a success: the acceleration of particles! the creation of black holes! high heel commitment! stock market exchange!
clustering, installation, performance.

No Three
March 2009
Midtown Manhattan, New York
999. control. no control. No 3: Galvanized pressure cooker: the blind spot. It´s ok not to know what you want.
video, thinking, words.

No Four
01.05.- 27.05.2009
9 +9 +9 = 27 images, Berlin
999. control. no control. No 4: Bonding for life- forever and ever: 27 acts of taming in total remote control.
photographs, drawing, painting.

No Five
14.08.- 16.08.2009
Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, “Schwarzwasser”
999. control. no control. No 5: Bonding for life 2- forever and ever: I don´t need a holiday in the sun!
installation, performance, collage.

No Six
06.11.- 10.12.2009
Installation- journey in 6 acts in collaboration with ADLER A.F., Berlin, New York, Miami
999. control. no control. No 6: The ride of the Walkyries. Three killer sluts on a pressure- tight schedule.
installation, performance, painting.

No Seven
13.02.- 11.09.2010
999. control. no control. No 7: Multiplying_Multitasking_Multibodies
Berlin, NYC
installation, performance, choreography.

No Eight
04.09.2010- Febuary 2011
Wrap, Cut and Paste
999. control. no control. No 8: Interdisciplinary_Interfearing_Interaction,
Berlin, Poznan, Padova
installation, performance, choreography.

No Nine
Febuary 2011- January 2012
999. control. no control. No 9: Total control.
Work in progress.
Berlin. Between Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Mitte.

“Life in the post 9/11 world- War Games”
Ottersberg/ Bremen- NYC

“Über die Kunst der Schwindsucht” // “Clown Town Stories”
2002/ 2003
Ottersberg/ Bremen- NYC