Sept 2014 “Kulturpalast”
Zwitschermaschine Berlin
Curated by Spunk Seipel

Feb 2014 “Secret Garden”
Solo show
Emerson Gallery Berlin
Curated by Barbara Fragogna

Nov 2013 “echt::zeit”
Group exhibit, Installation and performance
xpon-art gallery, Hamburg

Aug 2013 “Gewaltige Bilder- Total Eclipse III”
Installation, Performative intervention
Aktion 2T, Bonn

Apr 2013  “Dress to kill- HOME-LAND-LUXURY”
Solo show, Painting, performance, installation
Museum Kaiserpfalz, Forchheim, Ofr, Direction Susanne Fischer MA
Curated by Barbara Fragogna, Text Prof. Hermanus Westendorp, Elisa Ganivet Ph.D

Dez 2012 “Manisensations- Total Eclipse”
Performance Event, Live Art Project, Intervention
LEAP, Berlin

Oct 2012  “HOW LONG IS NOW”
Group show, museum collection, “remains”: Objects, digital performance print
Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples

Oct 2012   “HOME-LAND-LUXURY/ HomeComing”
Video installation with performance i.c. with the Bavarian Cityculture-association
Museum Kaiserpfalz, Forchheim, Ofr

Aug 2012 “anDENKEN”
Group show, “Remains”: Installation, objects
Galerie xpon-art, Hamburg

Jul- Sept 2012 “Dress to kill/ Remains”
Solo show, illustrations, installation, objects, photography i.c. with Petrov Ahner
Curated by Barbara Fragogna
SineDie project room, Berlin

Performance and Installation i.c. with Antonio Manfredi and Veronica Mota
for the project Winning Hearts and Minds by CAE
Hauptbahnhof/ main station Kassel, d13/ 42
Idea, concept and production Miriam Wuttke

Jun 2012    48H Neukölln: “Dress to kill- FOREST”
Exhibition i.c. with Petrov Ahner, Cristina Gori, Alessandro Cardinale,
Peter Newman, Sandra Sarala
Art direction, production, installation, performance
Silver Silver Lopez, Berlin

May 2012 Month of Performance Art- Berlin
Miriam Wuttke/ Our Time NYC- Berlin present
11th of May StudioGallery Miriam Wuttke: Karen Haase, Miriam Wuttke, Petrov Ahner
30th of May Goldener Saal Kunsthaus Tacheles: Miriam Wutte, Anne Porst, Peter Newman, Veronica Mota, Blue Muse Dance & Fictionale: Mayuna Shimizu, Hyunsuk Kim, Kyoungin Jung, Peter Lew
Art Direction, production, installation, performance

Mar 2012    Frühlingserwachen: “Home Slaughtering 2″
Art festival Neukölln, installation and performance
Silver Silver Lopez, Berlin

Feb 2012    Tacheles Biennale “Home Slaughtering 1″
Group show, Tacheles Biennale, Opening Performance
Goldener Saal, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

Jan 2012    “Dress to kill” Berlin Fashion Week Installation
Photography i.c. with Petrov Ahner, Video “Dress to kill” for ASVOFF
Barcelona, Curated by Diane Pernet & Vogue Italy
Silver Silver Lopez, Berlin

Nov 2011    “an:::schlag”
Group show, photography i.c. with Petrov Ahner, performance
Galerie xpon-art, Hamburg

Aug 2011    “Dress to kill- 12 watercolors”
Solo exhibition, watercolors, drawings, performance
Salon Irkutsk, Munich

Apr 2011    “Nuclear UnFair”
Group show, installation, opening performance i.c. with Karen Haase
New Gallery, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

Mar 2011    “Dress to kill- Naked Rabbit”
Performance and installation
La Chimera Art Festival, Padua

Jan  2011   “Abnormal Festival”
Group show, installation
Abnormals Gallery, Poznan

Dec  2010   “I am abnormal 2″
Group show, installation, performance
Abnormals Gallery, Berlin

Nov  2010   “Gold& Silver”, Haase & Plankk Solo Exhibition
Curated by Barbara Fragogna
Painting, installation, performance
New Gallery, Arthouse Tacheles, Berlin

Sept 2010   “9 muses/ 11 artists”// OUR TIME NYC- BERLIN
Site specific performance event
Art direction, production, installation, performance
Arthouse Tacheles, Berlin

Sept 2010   “Wrap, Cut and Paste”
Group show, installation, opening performance
Abnormals Gallery, Poznan

Mar  2010   “Professional_Play_Ground”// OUR TIME NYC- BERLIN
Art direction, production, installation, performance
Store front occupation, 45 W 57th St, NY

Feb  2010   “999. control. no control.”- “Bondage_Circle_2″
Installation, performance
Open Art Festival, Salzburg

Dec  2009   USA performance series
Installation and performance journey
NYC, Art Basel Miami Beach

Sept 2007   “OUR TIME”
72 hour installation und marathon- performance
Store front occupation at 45W 57th St, NYC

Jul  2005   “120 days on the search for the German Dream “
Diploma in Art Sciences (BA)
Painting, installation, documentary film, lectures
Public presentation after a 120 day journey at Hausprojekt Güterhalle Bahnhof Ottersberg

Dec  2004   “Clowns and Politics”
Solo exhibition and installation, intervention
Brothers Farmers Market, 472 9th Ave, NYC

Mar  2004   “Life in the post 9/11 world”
Diploma in Fine Art, studio Prof Hermanus Westendorp
Performance and installation
Fachhochschule Ottersberg

Nov  2003   “Clowns”
Paintings and drawings
The Productive Eye, 320 W 37th St, suite #10

May  2000   Group show Larry Poons class
Art Students League, NYC

Sept 1999   Group show Larry Poons class
Art Students League, NYC

Jun  1997   “10 days of myths and rituals”
Group show of emerging New York City artists, SoHo, NYC

Jan  1995   Group show Villa Hammerschmidt, Bonn