ASHES::remains at CAM Museum

CAM Museum
Oct 26 2012
opening 7 pm
performance by Miriam Wuttke 8 pm


A live art piece in collaboration with Antonio Manfredi (video), Veronica Mota (sound), Orvar (sound)
The performance ASHES::remains features parts of Miriam Wuttkes dOCUMENTA(13) production with a video by Antonio Manfredi, artist and director of CAM, and the piece remains which Miriam Wuttke developed during her solo exhibition at SineDie project room curated by Barbara Fragogna. The soundwork was developed by Berlin based sound artist Veronica Mota and Mexican artist Orvar aka Alain Ledezma and is based on a prior collaboration at Goldener Saal of Kunsthaus Tacheles in January and May 2012.

The performance manifests the collaboration between two locations and places of cultural common value which were to be shut down due to the pressure of financial crisis and political intrigues.
After reflecting on the precarious situation of CAM Napoli which was saved with the dOCUMENTA(13) presentation and after facing the day of the eviction of the internationally renowned arthouse Tacheles in Berlin, Miriam Wuttke will focus on uniting these two intense experiences by working with both of them live during the opening of the permanent Tacheles room at CAM on the 26th of October 2012.

article about the permanent exhibit of Tacheles at CAM

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