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Heimat-Land-Luxus : Multidisziplinäre Einzelausstellung

„HEIMAT-LAND-LUXUS“ Multidisziplinäre Einzelausstellung von Miriam Wuttke im Pfalzmuseum Forchheim Opening Performance Link Am Mittwoch, 24. April 2013 präsentiert die Malerin und Performancekünstlerin Miriam Wuttke die multidisziplinäre Einzelausstellung „Heimat-Land-Luxus“ im Pfalzmuseum Forchheim. Die Sonderschau zeigt bis zum 02. Juni 2013 Gemälde, Skulpturen, Objekte und Videoarbeiten, die Begriffe wie „Heimat, Entfremdung, Ankunft und Erinnerung“ zum Thema haben. [...]

Total Eclipse II

Total Eclipse 3 Set Performance Piece by Miriam Wuttke Sound: Veronica Mota // ASHES A festive self- deprivation and mani- selfation form-less functionality/ use-less physicality Saturday December 15 2012 // 5 pm StudioGalerie Miriam Wuttke Weichselstrasse 53 12045 Berlin starvation. °thurst, hunger, lust, fear, punishment° Falling into // pieces Falling into // place The space [...]

Manisensations- Total Eclipse

Manisensations Performative event ritualisation Saturday 01.12.2012, 20:00 LEAP Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance (Berlin Carré 1. Stock) Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13 10178 Berlin Voin de Voin and Stephanie Ballantine come together to offer an open platform for performance: a space to manifest an idea. In search of a lost sensation, they offer an open platform, a [...]

ASHES::remains at CAM Museum

CAM Museum Oct 26 2012 opening 7 pm performance by Miriam Wuttke 8 pm ASHES::remains A live art piece in collaboration with Antonio Manfredi (video), Veronica Mota (sound), Orvar (sound) The performance ASHES::remains features parts of Miriam Wuttkes dOCUMENTA(13) production with a video by Antonio Manfredi, artist and director of CAM, and the piece remains [...]

Ankunft, Abschied, Erinnerung

A N K U N F T , A B S C H I E D , E R I N N E R U N G „Erst wer fremd ist, weiß um den Verlust der Heimat.“ Ein Performance- Projekt zum Thema Heimat, Vergangenheit und Zukunft Konzept & Präsentation Miriam Wuttke Im Zuge der Performance- [...]


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HOME-LAND-LUXURY::Harvest I a 20 minute 4 piece performance of live art, sound and video Home Slaughtering/ Hausschlachtung Sound: Silver Silver / Location: Tacheles Biennale Opening A SHE S Sound: Veronica Mota / Location: dOCUMENTA(13)/ SineDie project room Remains/ Überreste Sound: Orvar Video: SineDie project room Last performance at Kunsthaus Tacheles Harvest/ Ernte Sound: Miriam Wuttke [...]

dOCUMENTA(13)/ A SHE S/ Performance at Kassel Hauptbahnhof

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dOCUMENTA(13) A SHE S ————————- of the series HOME-LAND-LUXURY Performance by Miriam Wuttke In collaboration with Antonio Manfredi and Veronica Mota SineDie project room and CAM Art War Hauptbahnhof Kassel Winning Hearts and Minds, a project created by Critical Art Ensemble July 19 2012, 12-1 pm Photos by Petrov Ahner, all rights reserved Documentary video [...]


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A SHE S ————————- of the series HOME-LAND-LUXURY Performance by Miriam Wuttke In collaboration with Antonio Manfredi and Veronica Mota SineDie project room and CAM Art War dOCUMENTA(13) Critical Art Ensemble Winning Hearts and Minds July 19 2012 12-1 pm “material. things. strings. myself entangled, object driven. heavy weight of production. progress. i` m out!”- [...]

Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012- FocusDiversion4.0

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Month of Performance Art Berlin and Our Time NYC- Berlin present FocusDiversion4.0 all photos by Petrov Ahner / 2012  / all rights reserved May 30 2012 / 8 – 10:30 pm Goldener Saal at Kunsthaus Tacheles Oranienburger Str 54-56 a Berlin Mitte A site specific performance event on the site of historical Arthouse Tacheles with [...]

Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012- Haase & Plankk Appearance

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*Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012* FocusDiversion3.0 11.05.2012 // 11th of May 2012 KünstlerInnen/ Artists: Karen Haase (performance) Miriam Wuttke (performance) Petrov Ahner (performance photography) And as special guest: A Short Term Effect (sound) !!!SPECIAL HAASE & PLANKK APPEARANCE!!! With the support of the dark poetic powers of sound artist A Short Term Effect, Karen [...]